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What is a SETI Family and Why They are Important?

The results of the SETI are divided into four families: Harmonizers, Movers, the Administrators, and Creators. Built upon the unique intersection of traits in each of the competencies, these families illustrate a broad range of the ways in which individuals demonstrate their SEL tendencies. The family groupings provide a nuanced understanding not only of an individual’s SEL profile, but also of how that profile informs their relationships, behaviors, belief systems, and inter- and intra-personal interactions.


Members of the Harmonizer family tend to be methodical and driven, focusing their energy on teamwork and regulating their impulses and behaviors to reach their goals.


Members of the Mover family typically attend to their instincts and live in the moment, building relationships and taking chances while journeying to reach their goals.


Members of the Administrator family tend to be task-oriented and intentional, persisting and leading by example when working to achieve a goal.


Members of the Creator family typically follow their impulses and react to the moment, finishing their work without a clearly laid out path to follow while working toward their goals.


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