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Triathletes tend to be enthusiastic, willing to dive into a project and learn as they go. They are self-reliant and will set an example rather than follow one, and they are skilled at navigating obstacles as they arise.



Marathoners use their thoughts, feelings, and emotions to recognize and build connections with other like-minded individuals. If a behavior isn’t working, Marathoners are flexible and will listen to others’ guidance to modify what needs to change so they can find success.

High Jumper


Without feeling constrained by typical rules or expectations, High Jumpers feel free to make creative choices to overcome obstacles. They believe in taking action rather than overthinking and tend to work energetically toward their goals. It’s likely High Jumpers are setting expectations for others to follow, as they are spontaneous and unafraid to follow a risky impulse and see where it leads.

Long Jumper


Long Jumpers tend to be expressive and energetic—they say how they feel and drum up energy within themselves to take on new challenges and opportunities. They are willing to take risks and make spontaneous choices, and they don’t rely on anyone else to tell them to get to work. They tend to be self-starters and trust themselves to make choices that work for them.

Relay Sprinter


Relay Sprinters can be a highly collaborative teammate. They value everyone’s role when working toward a goal and can bring diverse individuals together for a positive outcome. They can strike a balance between making quick, spontaneous choices and taking their time to assess how their choices will impact others, affording them the ability to make creative yet thoughtful decisions.



Sprinters allow time to pass to assess their emotions and needs so they feel attuned to their inner lives. They are goal-oriented and trust their instincts to guide them toward success. They are decisive and will make executive, sometimes difficult decisions in pursuit of reaching their goals.

Javelin Thrower


Javelin Throwers define success by reaching their goals, and they define themselves by that success. These two tendencies make for highly productive teammates. They tend to work unconventionally, pushing boundaries and seeking out-of-the-box solutions to problems.

Shot Putter


Where some people feel constrained by rules or what could happen in the future, Shot Putters feel restricted only by their creativity and imagination. They will start projects independently and find like-minded individuals to join their team. They value support from others, and they resourcefully enlist the help of their friends and peers to help them persist in the face of setbacks.


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