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For the first time I felt I was looking at a social-emotional curriculum that really treated social-emotional learning like math or science, where there was really a curriculum to follow and build and develop skills.

Michael Rotman

8th Grade
Lawrence Upper School

The one [lesson] I was really excited about learning more was on personal accountability. In sixth grade we’re laying the foundation for being in secondary school where they are more independent and could really benefit from that.

Sonja Whipp

6th Grade
School in the Square

I have my masters in school counseling and as a classroom teacher I’m a counselor every single day, so I was so excited that there was a curriculum we could use.

Meghan Harrington

5th Grade
Pleasant Elementary

I like how it not only addressed the students’ emotions and what to do with them in the classroom, but also addressed ours as adults and individuals.

Sarah Warren

St. Francis Episcopal School


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