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Drummers express themselves clearly and deliberately while respecting the perspectives that other group members bring to a project. They can keep a group focused on a goal and tend to understand when something isn’t working and take the initiative to change it without being asked.



Guitarists assess their thoughts and emotions, and they trust their instincts to lead them to a positive outcome, even if those instincts bring them down an unexpected path. They are enthusiastic, embracing challenges and diving immediately into problem-solving mode. They focus their communication mainly on topics related to the work that needs to be done to reach their goals.



No challenge is too big or overwhelming for Painters. They will enthusiastically begin their work and keep their communication focused on what needs to be done to complete a goal. They may be at the forefront of innovation because they see opportunities where others see dead ends, and they will invite others to join them on this journey no matter how different they may be.



If Sculptors have an idea for how a group should execute a project, they will express themselves clearly and forge ahead to lead the group where they want to go. Sculptors value where they come from and value others who are similar to them, making them skilled at forming like-minded communities where they can offer and receive feedback and support.



Professors think before they speak, and they tend to be articulate and focus their communication on the work that needs to be done. They often act spontaneously, but they hold themselves accountable for whatever the outcome of their choices may be.



Philosophers are self-motivated to both start and complete their work, and they hold themselves to high moral standards. They are focused on results, often steering communication away from distractions and toward conversations necessary for a group to succeed. Philosophers may not anticipate every consequence. Philosophers strive to consider the future when making choices and will hold themselves accountable for the outcome of their decisions.



Poets tend to work independently and do not feel confined by typical expectations. They often defy conventions and may make choices impulsively, but they are open to modifying their behavior or accepting help if necessary. Poets are attuned to their emotions, and they are generally more open to ideas and viewpoints that are familiar to them or similar to their own.



Novelists tend to push boundaries and think unconventionally. They have a strong focus on completing a goal and will try many different options to get the results they want. They are generally tolerant and will value everyone’s input, whether or not someone is similar to or different from them.


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