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Composers enjoy getting to know others, and they are able to rally diverse groups around a cause. They have a strong moral compass and can anticipate when a choice isn’t going in the right direction; they are flexible and adapt their behavior to lead themselves and others along a constructive path.



Vocalists can resolve conflicts within a group with their strong communication skills. They have a steady sense of self, trust their moral compass, and are skilled at building a community of like-minded individuals.



Maestros tend to form relationships easily and make connections with nearly anyone. They use rules as a roadmap to success, and they will seek help following through on their ideas when they need it. They tend to be single-minded and will explore their ideas from every angle to ensure they’ve exhausted all of their resources before moving on.



Concertmasters have a strong sense of self and will ask for help when they need it, providing a calm and collected demeanor in the face of obstacles and setbacks. They are receptive to ideas, opinions, and feedback from others in the group with whom they share a connection. They value communities built around similarities and find they collaborate best with individuals they can understand.

Stage Manager


Stage Managers have a strong moral compass and strive to make constructive, thoughtful choices, making them considerate and thoughtful collaborators. They tend to value everyone’s role in reaching a goal, no matter how small, and will give everyone’s ideas a platform to be heard and assessed.



With a strong moral compass and willpower, Choreographers find value in rules and will use them as a roadmap to conventional success. They live in the moment and deal with obstacles immediately, making them active and engaged collaborators.



No matter how different a person, idea, or perspective may be from their own, Improvisers are willing to hear it. They are open to all types of feedback and tend to collaborate well because they let diverse opinions guide their trajectory. They hold themselves to high standards and use their self-motivation to finish what they started.



Soloists express themselves directly and remain open to feedback from others, especially those who are like them. They are generally skilled at building a community born from similarity among its members. Soloists find comfort in traditional methods for finding success, often opting for conventional choices to align themselves with other successful individuals of the past.


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