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Presidents thrive when meeting their deadlines and won’t get distracted when they say they will finish what they started. They will consider multiple options and are receptive to feedback from nearly anyone, even if they are different from them, which gives them the ability to be strong leaders and rally diverse groups around a common cause.



If there are distracting conversations or conflicts in a group, Shareholders will refocus the communication back to the work that needs to be done. They are likely to set an example of a strong work ethic and self-control because Shareholders block out distractions and hold themselves to high standards.



Governors understand how valuable help can be for reaching a goal, and they will ask for it when they need it. They are collaborative and receptive to feedback and advice from others, and they will offer assistance in return. Governors won't spend their time with idle chatter, however; they direct their communication toward the goal.



Mayors know their strengths and weaknesses and will choose options that leverage what they are good at. They are self-reliant and can lead a group to success because they do not mince words or waste time—if a Mayor is speaking, it is because they have something to say. They can build a community of like-minded individuals and will seek support from those individuals when necessary.



Ambassadors tend to think before they speak so as not to marginalize or offend anyone else. They find confidence in having rules and expectations to abide by, and they will work hard within those confines to reach a goal. They practice direct, focused communication and value diversity within a group.



Officials are results-oriented and feel comfortable making executive decisions that benefit themselves and those like them. They have a strong moral compass and tend to be loyal to those group members who are similar to them. They find confidence in rules and understand how to best leverage their strengths to stay on a productive path.



Judge’s focus, willpower, and confidence in their decisions can cause others to follow their example when they need help persisting to finish what they started. They exercise strong willpower and prioritize achieving their goals above almost all else. If conflicts arise in a group, Judges listen to all sides and focus on directing the energy back toward the work that needs to be done.



Attorneys aren’t likely to waffle on what they should do—when they make a choice, they will see it through to its end. They tend to be methodical when working toward their goals, often making decisions that align with what has worked in the past to reach their preferred outcome.


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