Strengthening SEL With Fly Five and Responsive Classroom

Description & Goals: Join us to learn more about Fly Five: The Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum. Fly Five equips teachers with the skills and tools to explicitly teach the developmentally appropriate social and emotional skills needed for success in, out of, and beyond school. Hear why Fly Five is the perfect SEL curriculum to partner with the Responsive Classroom approach. We'll share how educators are using these two SEL programs together.

Participants will . . .

  • Learn about the origins of Fly Five
  • Gain an understanding of the components and practices within the curriculum
  • Witness the crossover between Responsive Classroom practices and Fly Five foundations


Host: Rachel Kohler

Rachel brings a vast knowledge of modern classroom operations and partnership building as well as a passion for social and emotional learning to her role as an educational partnership consultant. Prior to joining Center for Responsive Schools, Rachel worked as a classroom teacher, librarian, and programs consultant in public schools across the Northeast for three years. These roles have provided her with firsthand experience working with SEL and consulting administrators on implementation of schoolwide programs.




Cohost:  Brooke Martineau

Brooke Martineau has worked as a secondary science educator across western Massachusetts, and has seen firsthand how SEL provides equity for academic success and personal growth in all students. She is passionate about transforming teaching and learning with neurological findings. She has presented NSF- funded undergraduate research exploring the effects of video games on cognitive control under Dr. Kira Bailey, and worked as a departmental assistant in her undergraduate neuroscience program. Through her work with the department at Bay Path University, she discovered her passion for teaching and completed a one-year master’s in education at the University of Massachusetts before embarking on her position as a founding teacher at the Hampden Charter School of Science. As an educational partnership consultant, she is proud to partner with schools to bring the newest SEL practices to small and large districts alike.