The Social and Emotional Type Inventory (SETI): A Tool for Improving SEL Competence

Date:  Tuesday, April 6, 2021
Moderator: Jazmine Franklin
Panelists: Ramona S. Thomas, PH.D., Clara-Christina Gerstner

In this webinar, participants learned about the Social and Emotional Type Inventory (SETI). The SETI is a typology inventory intended to help adults identify areas of strength and growth in their social and emotional competence. The responses to the SETI are used to identify the user as a member of one of four SEL family types: Creators, Harmonizers, Administrators, and Movers. Each of the four family types has eight members, leading to a total of 32 social and emotional types. We discussed the research that went into creating the framework for the SETI results and the ways in which these results can be used to develop one’s ability to teach social and emotional skills..


Jazmine Franklin - Moderator

Jazmine Franklin is the Director of Fly Five Programs. Having first joined the Center for Responsive Schools as a consultant and program developer, Jazmine previously played a vital role in developing the Responsive Classroom professional development workshops. She now leads the development direction of Fly Five social and emotional learning programs. Prior to her time at CRS, she spent six years as a second-grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools and two years in Guilford County Schools, North Carolina.

Ramona S. Thomas, PH.D. - Panelist

Dr. Thomas, currently serving as a consultant with Center for Responsive Schools on Fly Five, has extensive experience in education research, philanthropy, and nonprofit management. Dr. Thomas served as a knowledge specialist with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) from 2011 to 2016. Previously, she held leadership positions with two nonprofit social venture investment funds created to provide capital to high-potential, education entrepreneurs running charter schools and charter school networks that educate underserved students. In the early 2000s, Dr. Thomas was program director for knowledge management and evaluation at KnowledgeWorks Foundation where she advanced and institutionalized the Foundation’s approach to evaluating its initiatives and developed its knowledge management infrastructure.

Early in her career in education philanthropy, Dr. Thomas served as an evaluation consultant for the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and as an associate program officer at the Spencer Foundation where she reviewed grant proposals and made funding recommendations, organized research conferences, and maintained relationships with staff, grantees, committee members, and the board. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Brown University and a doctorate in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania, where she received the Phi Delta Kappa Award for Outstanding Dissertation in the Graduate School of Education. Her doctoral training focused on higher education, quantitative research methods, and program evaluation.

Clara-Christina Gerstner - Panelist

Clara-Christina Gerstner works with Center for Responsive Schools as a research consultant and has contributed to research related to developing Fly Five. She is currently completing her doctoral degree in Quantitative Methods at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. Her background and experience are in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and she has authored publications with her doctoral advisors on randomized control trials and early childhood development.