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The Mindful Student Curriculum and Course

Date & Time: Thursday, September 22, 2022 | 3:00–4:00 PM EST

Description & Goals: 

Join us to learn about mindfulness and how it can be used effectively in K–8 classrooms. We will navigate a lesson from The Mindful Student curriculum, which contains age-appropriate, grade-specific activities that help students to refocus and reset. See how these mindfulness activities range from quiet visualizations and guided reflections to interactive partner work and role-playing. Learn how educators can receive asynchronous training with the Mindfulness Mini-Course. 

Participants will . . .

  • Learn the definition of mindfulness
  • Gain a deeper understanding of school-based mindfulness programs
  • Reflect on emotions and their role in mindfulness
  • Become more familiar with the seven Fly Five mindfulness principles



Host: LaShawna McCoy, Director of Educational Partnerships

LaShawna McCoy’s twenty-two-year educational journey began in Atlanta, Georgia as a teacher, behavior specialist, and curriculum support specialist. She moved to North Carolina in 2018 to evaluate equity in teaching and learning and social and emotional learning practices in schools across the state. Shawna recently relocated to Massachusetts to join the Educational Partnerships Department at Center for Responsive Schools. Her favorite things to do are watch scary movies, go on scenic walks, and shop for deals.



Cohost: Terrence McAllister, Chief of Educational Partnerships

Terrence McAllister is an experienced educational professional of twenty-five years. He has served as a teacher, principal, director of secondary education, assistant superintendent, interim superintendent, and professor of education. His goal is to support the instructional process by identifying and eliminating barriers to learning, advocating for the needs of the whole child, and empowering all students and teachers to become lifelong learners in the twenty-first century. Terrence believes that a strong passion will ensure success. He is an avid sports fan and a strong promoter of fitness/wellness who enjoys serving his community.

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