Fly Five: Supporting Your Adults SEL Needs


Educators around the world are making social and emotional learning a priority so that they can support their students during this school year full of change. Understanding one’s own social and emotional strengths and areas for growth is an important part of effectively teaching SEL, and Fly Five’s Social and Emotional Type Inventory (SETI) is here to help. 

The SETI is a research-based tool unique to Fly Five. The benefit of the SETI? It produces a personalized profile of an educator’s social and emotional strengths and areas for growth, which can then be used to inform their teaching strategies as they explore SEL with students.

Participants will explore:

Learn why it’s important for educators to build their own SEL skills 
Explore the SETI and how it is used to support SEL professional development 
Identify ways to foster SEL skills in the classroom and at home
Discover ready-to-use resources to help grow one’s SEL competence


Ramona S. Thomas, Ph.D.

Ramona S. Thomas, Ph.D., has extensive experience in education, philanthropy, and nonprofit leadership, specifically in developing and implementing new initiatives from the ground up. Dr. Thomas was a knowledge specialist consultant with the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) from 2011 to 2016. She holds a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Brown University and a doctorate in higher education from the University of Pennsylvania. She currently serves as a Research Consultant to the Center for Responsive Schools.In this webinar, participants will: