Fly Five: Representation in the Classroom II

Description & Goals: 

Class environments that support a diverse group of students can make a big impact on children. Representation is not only illustrated through race and ethnicity, but also culture, family structures, language and interests. In order to authentically reflect student lives and cultures in the classroom, it’s important to explore and honor the many aspects of self. Naming and uplifting differences can open students and teachers up to each other's strengths, and encourage a more inclusive learning environment that boosts SEL and academic achievement.

Participants will:

Learn strategies that foster student representation authentically
Create action plans on ways students can express themselves
Understand the importance of community building
Learn strategies to become an advocate for parents on representation


Samantha Priddy

Before joining Fly Five, Samantha Priddy was a Responsive Classroom practitioner and STEM educator for nine years. Samantha now works with the Fly Five team as a professional development designer, developing asynchronous and synchronous training for adult learners.


Janessa Martin

Janessa Martin is a Senior Content and Curriculum Developer for the Fly Five curriculum. She contributes to the Fly Five curriculum in multiple ways; she develops lessons, writes children’s books and SEL stories, and creates supplemental curriculum components. Prior to joining the Fly Five team, Janessa worked as a classroom teacher and museum educator.