With the Right Tools Adults can build their own SEL skills

Date:  Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Presenter:Earl Hunter, II

Adult SEL is the process of helping educators build their expertise and skills to lead social and emotional learning initiatives while cultivating the adults’ own social and emotional competencies. Rigorous research shows that SEL leads to greater academic achievement, better mental health, and career success. In order to cultivate students’ social and emotional skills, adults must feel socially and emotionally competent. Fly Five values and embeds the support for adults to be equipped with the strategies and tools needed to strengthen adult SEL.


Earl Hunter II - Presenter

Earl Hunter II has over 30 years of experience educating children, dating back to his time working at his family’s daycare center in Los Angeles. Twenty of those years were spent in the classroom, teaching in both public and private settings. He has also been facilitating Responsive Classroom workshops since 2014. Earl aims to inspire, empower, and transform teachers and schools by helping them to understand the power and balance of academic, social, and emotional learning for students. When he is not sharing Fly Five with schools or training teachers in Responsive Classroom practices, Earl enjoys spending time with his wife and two teenage children and running their retail vintage clothing business together.