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Jazmine Franklin Chief Program Officer, Fly Five

Jazmine Franklin is the Chief Program Officer, Fly Five. Having first joined the Center for Responsive Schools as a consultant and program developer, Jazmine previously played a vital role in developing the Responsive Classroom professional development workshops. She now leads the development direction of Fly Five social and emotional learning programs. Prior to her time at CRS, she spent six years as a second-grade teacher in Chicago Public Schools and two years in Guilford County Schools, North Carolina.

Anjail Kenyatta Director of Content and Curriculum Development

Anjail Kenyatta is the Director of Content and Curriculum Development for the Fly Five curriculum for grades K through 8. She works with curriculum writers as a facilitator and supervisor to develop resources that will help educational stakeholders increase their awareness and engagement with social and emotional learning. Anjail began her teaching career with Chicago Public Schools, where she taught grades K–8 and worked as a school counselor and case manager for 17 years.

Ellie Cornecelli Director of Professional Development and Engagement

Ellie Cornecelli is the Director of Professional Development and Engagement. She works with teachers and curriculum writers as both a facilitator and supervisor in creating all curriculum components for fifth through eighth grade. Ellie began her career in the DC metro area, teaching visual arts with the Responsive Classroom approach to PK–8 students for 15 years.

Samantha Nacht Creative and Art Director

Samantha Nacht is the Creative and Art Director for Fly Five. She conceptualizes, manages, and executes all design concepts, bringing this curriculum to life for both print and digital mediums. After graduating with a BFA from the University of Michigan, she honed her craft by working at various design agencies. Following her love for education, she spent several years teaching at the Huntington School of Fine Arts.

Carolyn Curtis Digital Engagement Specialist

Carolyn Curtis is the Fly Five Project Coordinator at the Center for Responsive Schools (CRS). Based at the CRS headquarters in Turners Falls, MA, she provides support to the development team by managing the details, processes, and daily operations of the department. Carolyn assists with coordinating and managing project plans, content, and workflow while maintaining deliverables to ensure all project milestones are met. Prior to joining Fly Five, Carolyn worked in education and as a children’s librarian.

Janessa Martin Instructional Designer

Janessa is an Instructional Designer for Fly Five, specializing in grades 6-8. She helped develop the original print and digital curriculum content. Now, she creates tools for implementation, designs supplemental curriculum resources and leads the K-2 SEL picture book project. Prior to joining the Fly Five team, Janessa worked as a classroom teacher and museum educator. She is a proud graduate of Florida State University and Boston University, the latter where she was the School of Education merit scholar.

Najah Hijazi Instructional Designer

Najah Hijazi is an Instructional Designer for the Fly Five curriculum, specializing in grades 3-5. She develops and designs lessons and tools, SEL children’s books, and creates supplemental learning content. Prior to joining Fly Five, Najah served as a K-4 public school teacher in Houston’s school district for five years. She continued her career in the district as a Multilingual Specialist and Dual Language Team for two years. She is a proud graduate of the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s and Master's degree in education.

Samantha Priddy Professional Development Designer

Samantha Priddy is a Professional Development Designer for Fly Five. She designs and develops asynchronous and synchronous PD for Educators. Prior to joining the Fly Five team, she was an Elementary Teacher and a Responsive Classroom practitioner.

Kalli Siringas Writer & Editor

Kalli Siringas is a Writer and Editor for Fly Five. She strives to create engaging, well-researched and helpful content for teachers, school leaders and parent communities with an emphasis on social and emotional learning. With a background in journalism and creative writing, she is a Pulitzer Prize Fellow and Moth StorySlam Finalist. Kalli also acted as head writer for Miss Tutti & the Fruity Band, a musical children’s television show that fosters body positivity.

Sabrina Gonzales Content Writer

Sabrina Gonzales is a Content Writer for Fly Five. She contributes to the creation of Fly Five content, professional development, and other resources that build knowledge of social and emotional learning. After graduating in 2021 with a BA in English, Sabrina worked in non-profit communications before joining the Fly Five team.

Clay Caricofe Graphic Designer

Clay Caricofe is a Graphic Designer for Fly Five. He assists in the design of print and digital assets for the Fly Five brand. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in graphic design and a minor in art history, he worked as a designer in e-commerce, commercial printing, and a variety of print and digital media.


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